The purpose of the Title I Parent Action Committee (TPAC) is to increase parent and family engagement in Title 1 planning and implementation and to strengthen school-home partnerships.  This group also works directly with the FCPS School Board.    We are still looking for parent volunteers to attend meetings every quarter (4 per year).  Contact Jenny at [email protected] if interested.


Video link to meeting:

Elementary Grading presentation by Noel Klimenko, Director of PreK-12 Curriculum and Instruction

Due to the delayed start of the school year, adjustment to virtual instruction, and emphasis placed on community building in an online environment there may be a greater number of “NA’s” represented on the Quarter 1 progress report than in a typical school year.

Elementary Reporting Modifications for Qtr. 1

SR&R Updates 2020-21 presentation by Carey Williams, Equity and Student Conduct Coordinator

Overall Changes

Next Meeting – January 26, 2021 Antiracist Enhancements to Social Studies




Click HERE for the video recording of the meeting.

2020-21 School Board Recommendations
Recommendation 1:
Utilize the results of the Family Engagement Survey to increase greater future participation from Title 1 School communities and more positive survey feedback.  Communication between TPAC representatives and principals will be paramount to achieving these goals.
Recommendation 2:
Ensure greater access to advanced learning experiences for every student within Title 1 schools through the following: Continuing to provide earlier and more comprehensive information to parents about academic placement testing, opportunities, and programs; and building capacity of classroom teachers and other school staff to utilize an asset-based approach when identifying the talents of children.
Recommendation 3:
Increase the trauma sensitivity of Title 1 Schools by providing opportunities for school-wide education, and empowering parents to advocate for programmatic changes.
2020-21 School Board Charge:
Through an equity and antiracist lens: 1- Increase parent capacity and comprehension of Title 1 services and opportunities, including providing information and materials in various languages; 2- explore the impact that behavior, health, and well-being have on students’ educational success; 3- examine the curriculum and all elements of staffing to ensure that they are antiracist in content and implementation.
Presentation by Kirsten Maloney, Director of Advanced Academic Programs for FCPS
  • The goal of the Advanced Academic Program is to ensure students’ needs for differentiation are met.  This is done by providing all FCPS teachers access to lessons that promote critical and creative thinking.  AART is available as a coach to support teachers and CLTs.
  • Parents may want to utilize resources to promote critical and creative thinking skills at home:
  • Areas where parents at Title 1 schools can advocate for differentiation to meet the needs of Advanced Learners:
    • Frequency – 1x/quarter (minimum) or  more often?
    • In which content areas – a variety of areas or just in one? What is the growth plan over time?
    • Level of implementation – A single lesson, part of a unit, or a whole unit?
    • Types of support teachers are getting – Is the AART used as a coach to support CLTs and teachers?  Is the AART used minimally in the master calendar?  Are other content resource teachers part of the work?  All Title I schools have a 1.0 FTE AART to focus extra on this and Young Scholars.
    • Decision making – What guides decision making about the above questions?
Next TPAC meeting is December 1, 2020
Agenda: Revised Students Rights & Responsibilities and Culturally Responsive Practices