Have an idea for a club? Awesome! Contact Jenny at [email protected] to get started.

PTA-organized, after-school classes may actually be the one time during the day that a child gets to choose what they would like to learn or to be exposed to something that would not normally be available to them. Clubs are neither sponsored nor endorsed by the Fairfax County School Board, the Superintendent, or Herndon Elementary School. These programs are approved by the Herndon ES PTA.

In order for a club to be offered through the PTA, it must have a PTA member volunteer willing to coordinate and receive PTA Board approval. If there is a club that you want to see for your child, please consider volunteering to make it happen! Volunteers who offer to run a PTA-sponsored club receive one free student registration per session of that club.


We are currently working on ways to offer virtual Spring Clubs, so that students can continue their hobbies and interests and interact with other kids who may not be in their class this year but have been a part of their school experience. When the info is available, you will be able to click on the links to get specific information on each club.  These are proposed clubs and may or may not end up being offered depending on volunteers and other logistical decisions. 

Monday Mingles:

The final round of Monday Mingle is open, with 8 free club offerings by Herndon Specialists! These clubs will last for 5 weeks and end right before Summer Break (5/29). Registration will end on Wednesday, 4/21 at 5:00pm! Watch the video here:



K-2 English

K-2 Spanish

3-6 English

3-6 Spanish


Colorful Collage 1-2:00 Assemble colorful creations using paper, junk mail, fabric and other fun materials. We will explore the lives and works of collage artists, such as Susan Carlson, Bea Mandelman, Jean Michel Basquiat and more! We will spend five weeks cutting, tearing and gluing!!!
Dances Around the World 1-2:00 From the Ireland to Lebanon and back to the United States, learn different dances from around the world! Get movin’ and groovin’!


Digital board design 2-3:00 Join us for the awesome world of game design – board game design!!! We will explore what it takes to make a fun and successful game. Create fun and exciting board games using the Google Suite and gain skills in planning, game mechanics, and design.
Computers and Robots Club

5 & 6

1-2:00 Come to this club if you want to learn about how computers work! We will learn about how computer science, the study of computers and algorithms, is applied in controlling the internet, managing traffic, robots navigating mazes, and more!
Adventure Club: The Final Fight 2-3:00 Adventurers wanted!
Take turns role playing creative solutions as we take on a Dungeons and Dragons style adventure! Creature your adventurer, design their skills or spells, then become them as we face puzzles, and battles!
Triple H- Hoppin Herndon Hornets 1-2:00 Jump around! Jump up jump up and get down! Lets get jumping and learn some new jump rope tricks while working on refining the ones we already know. Students will have an opportunity to work on combining jump rope tricks together into a routine. Students will be shown how to use Flipgrid to record their practice, or jump rope tricks they created, or a routine they made up for the teacher. Many jump rope tricks can be done without a rope so for safety students could first learn the trick inside the house without a rope and could practice later outside with a jump rope.
Fun with food 1-2:00
Art You Choose 1-2:00 Art You Choose Club is a program designed to help students develop the skills they need to see their own art ideas to completion and to encourage young artists to take risks through their artworks.


Chess Bee Academy: Grades 1-6  New Dates!



Some scholarships for club registration are available for each session of each club. Contact [email protected] to apply or click here to donate to the PTA Scholarship Fund. Personal absences from clubs are forfeited and non-refundable. Any classes missed due to school closings will be rescheduled. Late registrations are not prorated.