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Dear Registrants.

The TJ PTSA Diversity Committee is pleased to announce it will be hosting a virtual event on 15 May 2021, an online virtual conference featuring several area STEM education providers, including those that offer free and reduced fee services for low-income households. The purpose of this event is to inform the community of those services available for aspiring TJ candidates currently in Elementary and Middle School.

Thank you for registering for our May event. The goal of this event is to advertise educational enrichment providers that offer enrichment opportunities. Moreover, many providers within our community offer free or payment plan options for low-income households, which helps debunk the myth that STEM enrichment in Fairfax county for gifted children is available only to those from wealthy households.

The audience of this event are parents of students of all income levels, teachers, and counselors that are interested in STEM and are motivated to provide opportunities to prepare their children for academically rigorous STEM programs.

Below is the tentative schedule of events.

Each speaker will have 30 minutes to go into detail about their programs, discuss the successes their students have achieved, recommendations for parents, and an additional 10 minutes for questions and answers, and other pertinent discussions.

Tentative Schedule:

15 May 2021

0800-Opening of Zoom to all attendees

0805 – Opening Remarks (Opening of Breakout Rooms)

Breakout Room 1

0810 – 0850 Black Student Fund (Leroy Nesbit & Toussaint Tyson)

0900 – 0940 Junior Scholars (Pulak Dugar & Hudson Gould)

0950 – 1030 Girls Who Math (Cynthia Wong)

1040 – 1130 Scientex Edu (Dr. Eddie Neal)

1130-1200 (Break)

1200 – 1240  Fairfax County Association for the Gifted \ (Fairfax County Association for the Gifted – covering free FCPS opportunities) (Rebecca Goldin)

1250 – 1330  TJ Diversity Committee Panel Discussion

1340 – 1420 Huntington Learning Center (Tanuja Ghodgaonkar)

1430 – 1510 Colglazier tutoring: Professional Writing (Cathy Colglazier)

1520 – 1600 TJ Test Prep (Vishnu Murthy)

Breakout Room 2

0805 – Opening Remarks

0810-0840  Inspiring Test Prep (Kate Dalby)

0900 – 0940 Fairfax Collegiate (Michael Overson)

0950 –  1030 Kumon (Lorraine Robinson)

1040 – 1130 The Kappa Foundation (Ted Blakeney)

1130 – 1200 (Break)

1200 -1240 Rooms Joined (FCAG)

1250 – 1330 Rooms Joined (TJ Diversity Committee Panel Discussion)

1340 –  1420 Math Reasoning (Vern Williams)

1430 -1510 Humanitas4All (Karen Song)

1520 – 1600 Abacus Robotics (Maria Uriyo)

1600 – Join Rooms

1600 – Closing Remarks  (Helen Miller)

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