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At Huntington Learning Center, we understand the importance of childhood learning experiences and design elementary school tutoring programs that are individualized, interactive, challenging and fun for students. The very nature of learning is an evolving challenge, and we want to equip our elementary school students with life-long skills to be able to thrive in challenging academic circumstances. Elementary school tutoring is helpful for students to develop a strong learning foundation while gaining confidence in their abilities. Our goal at Huntington Learning Center is for our elementary school students to cultivate the skills, confidence and motivation needed for academic success.

The following list shows some of the subjects that are offered:

  1. Reading & Phonics
  2. Writing
  3. Math
  4. Study Skills
  5. ADHD Support
  6. Others, please inquire

Click here for the flyer with the special code for HES PTA student: HES Coupon_Tutoring Services HLC Herndon .  Here is the link with more information on our Elementary School Programs  https://huntingtonhelps.com/elementary-school-tutoring

We have FREE seminars on a variety of topics, see the recent webinars here.

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